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KY Blackberry Products


Old-fashioned honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, and service is more than a passing fancy, it's an absolute way of life for C.W. SHUMATE products. Please know your visit to our general store is much appreciated, so drop by and enjoy some good old Kentucky hospitality!

Childrens Book Set Blackberry Tails

Blackberry Tails

Honoring the old-fashioned art of storytelling, Blackberry Tails is a children's adventure series colorfully illustrated by artist L.Clark Uhl and written by Kentucky Enterprises co-owner C.W. Shumate.

Kentucky Author Rogue Reflections

Rogue Reflections

Kentucky author C.W. Shumate shares his views through fun loving meditations billed as random thoughts of a random thinker. Join Shumate as he highlights views so far outside the conventional box, you'll need a passport. Rogue Reflections is featured in publications including the Bourbon County Citizen, and various social media sources. If you favor a "Kentucky State of Mind," you'll certainly enjoy this series.


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